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My name is Mete Ezel, (rap name known as Metay)I am 18 years of age, born August 9th 1999 in
London. I have both parents, Eren Ezel, who is my father and Miroslava Ezel, who is my mother. I
have a brother also named Eren Ezel. My father has his own small store and my mother helps in the
store with my father. I grew up all my life in south east London, staying in the same property for more
than a decade. I went to St Michael’s catholic college, for my secondary school education, and I had
the belief for most of my time there that I wanted to become a lawyer in the corporate field. Growing
up the only music I was really allowed to listen to was Michael Jackson, (who is my favorite artist)
especially when my father was in the car with me as he did not approve of the current music. But at
around 10 or 11 years of age I had found out who Eminem was when he had released his recovery
album. From that day I had been listening to hip-hop music. Eminem introduced me to lil wayne,
Nas, 50 cent, Kanye, 2Pac, DMX. At the age of around 16 however, I had been inspired by a live
performance I saw of 50 cent on youtube, performing his song “what up gangsta” and I was sold on
the whole making music, it seemed incredible the way he drove the crowd. Before my interest in
music, I was getting decent to pretty good grades at school, like A’s in science, B’s in math, law,
history, but once I had been interested in rap, my entire focus shifted and so my grades started to
slip and I failed my A-levels in college. So in late 2015, around October, I had decided I wanted to try
rapping and since then there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t rapped and every day I shall rap as I
believe it’s the only way to develop my skills to be the best in the game and even though I was
laughed at for making very bad music, I continued to ignore hate and am stil striving to make it into
the scene big today. Why? Because If I can influence people in a good way and to be known to the
next generation as one of the best rappers to ever do it I will be happy. My rap name came from my
birth given name Mete, and the reason why I changed it to Metay, is because that’s how people
would pronounce my birth given one, so to avoid mispronunciation I chose this one, and I think it
sounds cool. I also have been practicing every day on my singing technique, as I would like to
incorporate that into my music. I am looking to also make it into America big time, as I have never
seen a rapper from the UK to make it into America on the main stage.

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