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Ken Surry   


Ken Surry has a heart and a vision to save souls from the streets and gangs that he once encountered for ten plus years out of his life.  After nearly losing his life on several occasions and seeing his friends get killed before his eyes, being incarcerated for drug possessions, battery, and disorderly conduct, Ken knew that it was time for him to make a change in his life before he was next to loose his life due to death or incarceration. While on house arrest Ken Surry began to take interest in a local church bible studies, youth meetings and Sunday services. Ken Surry was ready to give up the sinful lusts and desires of his flesh but not willing.

With a dramatically confused and carnal mind, Ken Surry began to try to serve God and play the streets also. On one Saturday night at a local club, Ken Surry had a altercation with an opposing gang which involved fire arms and innocent victims. Speeding through traffic trying to get out of pursuit of the gang members, Ken Surry called his mother Shelvonna with tears in his  eyes and a heart full of hate, grief and vengeance and to tell her that he was tired of running and that he rather be killed trying to kill the ones who was chasing him.

Following the end of the conversation Ken Surry returned to a local hotel room where him and a young lady was staying at for the night. Hearing sirens and seeing the Gang Enforcement Unit (Police) march up the hotel stairs, it suddenly began to startle him and the fear of spending the rest of his life in prison began to settle in.

One of the officers told Ken that he knew who he was and if he do not help them in identifying several shooters in the city he would just be another statistic. Refusing to share any information with the officers, all the officer left with no answers. Later that night Ken could barely sleep, so he tossed and turned all night replaying the entire event in his head. The following day, which was a Sunday morning; Ken woke up and entered into a church with a lot of pain hurt and confusion in his heart.

As the Pastor preached the word, only Ken himself knows what  was going through his head and how he was feeling at that exact moment. Immediately after service he exited the building only to find a large brick through his driver side window. With an assumption of who may have been the cause of this he was totally wrong. Being that the church was next to a different gang affiliated house made Ken a easy target every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday during the church service times.

Surrounded by a different gang than the night before, they argued  that Ken had been affiliated with several altercations and murders that occurred throughout that year. While arguing with the gang members the pastor and several members from the church walked outside and witnessed what was taking place. Being ashamed of himself, the situation and argument began to get worse. Moments later Ken began to get in his vehicle with the help of one of the brothers from the church. As Ken pulled off he began to get followed by the gang. Ken then began to speed through traffic trying to save his life but putting the lives of others in danger. After parking the vehicle in a  female friend’s garage, Ken went into the house to get some rest. Before knowing, again, the Gang Enforcement Unit (Police) knocked on the door looking for Ken. After recording Ken’s side of the story, the officers asked him several questions about several young men and altercations that occurred around the city. However, Ken again refused to answer any of the officers questions. One of the officers then told Ken, “we’re giving you a chance to put some of these men behind bars but since you are not cooperating, I won’t be surprised if we or other officers find you murdered somewhere” “It’s a dog eat dog world”. At that time Ken knew that God was telling him that this was his last warning and he was going to be next if he did not give his life to God. From that day throughout a time period of seven months, a lot of the members that was in the gang with Ken was killed, imprisoned or on the run from the law.            

Before long Ken gradually changed and become A member of New Day Life Ministries International in his home city and state, Ft Wayne Indiana. Where him, his wife and his three children currently fellowship. Ken  plays a huge part in compelling the younger generation to come in and change their lives. Through music Ken use testimonies of how God has preserved him for such a time as this.

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